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  Evolutis India  
    • Evolutis India was formed in the year 2007.
    • Evolutis India started its business initially with Hip segment i.e. THR &Bioplar.
    • Knee system was introduced in the year 2008.
    • Dual Mobility & Shoulder was introduced in the year 2009.
    • Ceramic on Ceramic system was introduced in the year 2010.
    • Evolutis India also introduced some accessories implants like Vanquish Screw, Endo Button, Titanium Nails to develop business relation with distributors & surgeons, which will in return enable us to sell our main products to them.
Evolutis France

Evolutis was inaugurated in July 1999, and has since then experienced both clinical successes and high annual growth rates. Today, Evolutis is a major competitor in all the markets where it has established.

In its facility plant now exceeding 3000 square meters, Evolutis develops and manufacture Hip, Knee, Shoulder and extremity joint replacement devices. More than 30000 units of the “Hactiv” hip system and its by-products have been implanted since its first implantation in 2001.

Evolutis products meet all international quality standards including ISO9001 and EN13485 requirements.
Evolutis is nowadays internationally recognized for the high quality, reliability and effectiveness of its orthopaedic implantable medical devices. Evolutis products are preferred by orthopaedic surgeons in Norway, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Northern Africa, South Africa, Australia, New-Zealand, Iran, Turkey, India, Viet-Nam…

Evolutis  France was established in 1999 in the vicinity of Roanne (42), France, with the aim of maintaining and developing local expertise in the field of orthopaedic prostheses.

1999: Evolutis was founded by founder members Jean-Michel Péguet and Gérard Pélisson. The complete team consisted of 5 people, who started the activity at Briennon near Roanne on a 600m² site. They started by producing a generic range of hip implants which obtained the first EC marks, followed by the ISO 9001 – EN 13485 standards four months later.

2001: First Export sales.

2002: Industrialisation of the company. The whole production chain was rationalised and managed by high performance ERP software in order to be able to totally control and manage all aspects of the manufacturing process, in particular traceability.

2004: Construction and move to a 1200m² site, twice as big and better structured to enable us to maintain strong growth.

2006: Launch of the Capitole®, dual mobility cup, very well suited to revisions due to its’ modularity. This became part of a large range of hip prostheses.

2008: Further expansion of the site up to 2000m² due to strong growth of 30% per year, due to the success of the UNIC total shoulder in France and the Rolflex total knee in export markets. Development of a complete trauma range

2009: More than 40 staff. A number of developments have been undertaken for trauma and revision surgery.

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